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Aerial Footage

Aerial Footage

Aerial Footage starts at $300!
Epic! Tours LLC is Hawaii’s best drone based aerial media.

We have teamed up with Cenpac Images to be fully FAA 333 Compliant for all of our flights.  Flying Drones is our passion which started while our owner started working in a R/C Hobby Shop in 2007.  We specialize in Aerial Photography & Aerial Video. We also create a highly specialized close range type of aerial drone based media for creative clients around the Big Island.

There are other services out there that offer aerial photography and video, some use full size aircraft, some use remote aircraft. The remote photography realm is filled with some professionals and many hobbyists. Be sure you’re getting a professional. Asking for a copy of their FAA Section 333 authorization to fly in Hawaii is a way to further insure you don’t get the hefty fine from the FAA for an illegal operation.

Also be sure to see high resolution photo samples and HD video samples to ensure clear vibration free media. Here at Epic! Tours LLC we are fully licensed, FAA333 exempt and insured.

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Epic! Aerial Video Example
What Do We Use?

Introducing the game changer. We are now using the most stable remote camera mount available on the market today. With a sub-pixel stabilized camera mount that gives you more bang for your buck utilizing precise IMU gyroscopic stabilization perfectly tuned to a particular camera and lens. Gone are the days of post production video stabilization which reduces quality. This system is based on the DJI Phantom Professional 3 that takes 12 megapixel RAW stills, and produces 4K video.