Epic Big Island Adventures

World Famous Mauna Kea Stargazing Photo Tours

Waterfall, Lava Cave and Stargazing + Photos

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drive up the mountain of Mauna Kea to the most optimal place for stargazing and enjoy a show of the most popular constellations and planets mixed with our light effects.


"James was an amazing tour guide. He took us to amazing spots along the trip and educated us on the history of the island. We got some amazing pictures ourselves but they did not compare to the pictures James got of us at night. We were 2000 ft away from the lava (which is leagally how close he can get us) and took some of the most spectacular pictures. He had come up with a light sabre device that made my husband incredibly happy. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone that wants knowledge about the island and to see spots that only the locals know about. And if you don't get the picture you love, he will stay until you are happy. Definitely take this tour!!"


"James was such a friendly, talkative, and knowledgable host for our tour! He let us personalize our tour so we got to go to all of the places we really wanted to see. We visited Kona's famous coffee plantation, caves, beaches, waterfalls, the town of Hilo, Japanese gardens, the volcanos, the mountains/observatories — he listened to what we said we wanted to see and he took us! Additionally he has so much knowledge of the island and its history. And he takes incredible photos (he's had a few photos in National Geographic before). He took breathtaking photos of my family in front of the milky-way. This tour was one of the highlights of our trip for sure, and we would always book with him again."


"James was absolutely amazing and his tours really are Epic. He takes you to places that are breath taking and you won't find the big tour bus with crowds where it is hard to get pictures with out strangers in. He takes you off the beaten path. He is very easy to talk to and very informative. He is completely open on how to make his tours the best they can be, but really they are so great that he really doesn't need to change a thing. His tours are flexible to allow you to get exactly what you are looking for. You will never get photos as amazing as the ones he does on any other tour. If you don't do any other tour while on the island you have to do this one!"


"By far 1 of my best memories of our big island adventure... We made our way up to Mauna Kea walking on the clouds to look at the planets and moon through the telescopes. During this time I found it perfect moment to propose to my partner. (Unplanned) but James captured the moment. #shesaidyes Do not miss this adventure you will not be disappointed! Life is made of small moments like these!"