Mauna Kea Sunset Tour

Sunset and Stargazing from the best place on the planet!

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Grab your cameras, and experience unforgettable views on-top of Hawaii's tallest volcano! You will also take in the famous “Shadow” of Mauna Kea to the East.

*This tour is currently unavailable. Check below for related activities.*

The only small group tour company on Mauna Kea!

This tour is more like an experience. Your group will enjoy the comforts of a Luxury SUV ride with a small group, no more than 7 passengers max, unlike the others 15 passenger vans. We will journey to the highest mountain in the world, filled with world-class telescopes to watch the sunset and your guide is an astro-photographer who will take pictures of the night sky.

Our tour leaves Kona and Waikoloa at seasonally adjusted times (2:30p.m. to 4:30p.m.). We start our tour from your resort and go directly to the Onizuka Visitor Center (VIS) at 9200ft (3000m) where we will acclimate to the high altitude. The VIS also has hot drinks, snacks and a large range of mountain and astronomy related souvenirs and educational materials available.

Following a 30 to 45 minute acclimatization stop and a light meal at the VIS, we ascend to 13,800ft where our guide will explain the various telescopes in view. Next we continue up the last few hundred feet to the road highpoint where those in good physical condition may walk around the nearby telescopes. This opportunity and sunset are often at the same time revealing spectacular views of sunset and the famous “Shadow” of Mauna Kea to the East.

Upon twilight, we descend to lower elevations to stargaze and take photos of the night sky. After that, we will look through $30k telescopes and you’ll have the chance to meet an astrophysicist working on Mauna Kea or even an astronomer.


  • Dinner
  • Drinks
  • Parka Jackets
  • Transportation

Adults (16+) $250.00 + tax
Children under 16 not permitted

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