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Mauna Kea Stargazing Experience + Free Photos

Guests (13+ years old)
Children (12 and under)
Private tour Maximum 10 people

We will drive up the mountain of Mauna Kea to the most optimal place for stargazing and enjoy a show of the most popular constellations and planets mixed with our light effects.

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All experiences are led by James, an Analog-Astronaut and Pro Astro-Photographer.

Journey to a remote stargazing location, far away from the touristy spots to truly enjoy the dark skies of Hawaii.

Celestial objects and constellations will be pointed out with a powerful green laser pointer. Hear about James’ time spent as an Analog-Astronaut, ancient Polynesian navigation and more.

View live details of deep space using the most sophisticated, light-sensitive camera/scope out of any company in Hawaii. Awe-inspiring views of deep space objects like Galaxies and Nebulas that you didn’t know was possible.

Being a Pro Astro-Photographer on the Big Island, spending 8 years as a guide, James knows the best spots and angles to take a few stellar photos of you with the Milky Way.

All medium resolution photos taken throughout the trip of deep space objects and of your group are included in the price.

Epic Tours is the only stargazing adventure in Hawaii that doesn’t do stargazing tours when the moon is brighter than 30% and we give a full refund if it’s too cloudy. The other companies go out every night even during the full moon and don’t offer refunds for bad weather.

All of our time slots are hand-selected for optimal stargazing views. We also don’t go to touristy or culturally sensitive locations, which gives you the best stargazing experience possible.


  • Led by an Analog Astronaut/Astro-Photographer
  • Your Photo-Guides will take epic photos of you
  • Look at Galaxies, Nebulas and Star clusters through an Astro-Cam.
  • Photos from your trip are given complimentary (upgrades are available)
  • Only tour company that avoids the bright moon


  • Comfy Parka Jackets with pockets and a hood
  • Complimentary photos available for download within 5 days after the experience


  • Hotel pickup
  • Gratuities (optional)

Know Before You Book

  • – Want to ask a question?  Instagram is our fastest way to respond – Instagram: @EpicTours
  • – Comfortable pants and walking shoes are highly recommended
  • – If you would like to caravan behind our tour, send us a message
  • – This tour tends to book up early, so it’s recommended to reserve your seats in advance
  • – Not typically recommended for children under 5 years old although any ages are welcome
  • – Since we are able to start later in the evening, we avoid almost all of the other tour companies, giving you a more private and unique experience
  • – We only do tours when the moon is less than 20% bright to give the best stargazing experience
  • – Some of our trips start early in the morning to avoid the moon and clouds
  • – Book your adventure on one of your first nights of your vacation, just in case we have to reschedule later in the week because of high clouds

Meeting Location and Time

  • We will be meeting on the slopes of Mauna Kea State Recreation Area
  • Check the online calendar for specific start times and prices
  • We will stargaze from altitudes below 9k feet on Mauna Kea or Mauna Loa
  • Tour companies and private individuals are not permitted to stargaze at the summit.   We have our own unique locations that we go to for epic stargazing.  The summit is closed 45 minutes after sunset and solely for research and cultural practices

About Your Guide

  • James Ward is the owner/guide and astrophotographer for Epic Tours.
  • A company he started in 2013 on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • Astronomy Major at the University of Hawaii.
  • Currently assisting as Mission Support for simulated moon and Mars missions at the HI-SEAS Habitat.
  • Formerly an Analog Astronaut and Vice Commander for the Sensoria M3 Moon Mission directed by the International MoonBase Alliance in collaboration with NASA.

Common Questions