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Green Sands 4×4 Adventure

Private Tour + South Point and Green Sands 4x4 Adventure with Sunset Dinner on the cliffs!

What an adventure this one is!

We start in Kona and head south to view the Captain Cook monument from the famous Kealakekua Bay, you’ll drive near Place of Refuge National Park, check out the ‘2-step’ snorkel spot, and go to a hidden Coffee and Macadamai Nut farm for some wonderful samples and explorations.

Then we head for the famous Green Sand Beach, which takes 3 miles of extremely rough off-roading in a Jeep or other 4×4 to get there. This green sand beach is one of the most rare beaches on the planet. It is made completely out of crystals! Not rocks, silicon or coral, but actual olivine semi-precious gems. We will enjoy the views, play in the sand and frolic in the water until everyone’s ready for our adventure back to South Point cliffs.

South Point is quite literally the true southern most point in all of the United States and about 500 miles further south than Miami! We will explore the actual southern tip, look for ancient Hawaiian ruins and watch the cliff-jumpers plunge 30 feet into the dark blue water below.

After this we will head to a secluded spot to have dinner on the cliffs for one of the best sunsets you’ll ever see in your life!